6 ways to extend your drinks menu with syrups

Martyn Herriott - Monday, February 06, 2017

It’s important to offer customers a choice of iced and blended drinks, but buying and storing lots of different ingredients can be expensive and storage can be tricky. However, there is an easier way: you could use syrups.

You only need a few different syrup flavours and you can make a variety of drinks, creating an exciting menu that your customers will love; syrups are hugely diverse and there are lots of flavours to choose from – click here to see our full range

Here are six ways to extend your drinks menu with syrups that we hope will tempt you into experimenting and creating a truly fabulous drinks offering.

  • Don’t just stick to what you know

    Vanilla, caramel and hazelnut flavoured lattes and cappuccinos are always hugely popular, but why not try something different, and flavour your other coffees? Both espressos and macchiatos taste amazing with something extra – we love to add a shot of roasted hazelnut syrup to an espresso.

  • Milkshake made easy

    Making milkshake is as easy as 1-2-3 when you use syrup: just add 2 pumps of flavoured syrup to 180ml-200ml of milk and 40g of Kool Kup to thicken the shake, and you’re done.

  • Get creative

    Syrups are hugely diverse so don’t be afraid to experiment - you may just create a brand new drink! We love the ‘deconstructed tiramisu’ dessert drink, using espresso, cream and tiramisu syrup.

  • Time for tea

    The great British cuppa will always be a favourite and with more teas now available you certainly want to offer a choice on your menu. Adding syrups you an offer classic teas like lemon, green tea and peppermint but also fruit teas and eastern flavour teas. 1883 Maison Routin have created all of these, as well as some deliciously fruit iced tea flavours.

  • Mochas and Hot Chocolates

    Hot chocolate is easy to make with chocolate syrup but you could add some luxury to your drinks menu and offer mochas and hot chocolates using other flavours. We recommend refreshing peppermint, zingy orange or deliciously sweet butterscotch.

  • Seasons and themes

    Seasonally inspired drinks for autumn, winter and the summer are another great addition and always in demand. Tasty milkshakes, frappes and smoothies keep customers cool in the summer, but you could also offer drinks for a particular occasion or theme; for instance, try an Irish cream Americano on St. Patrick’s Day.

Syrups are easy to use, easy to store and offer so much variety. The range of flavoured drinks that you can offer customers using syrups is endless. Why not head over to our syrups page for more information?

We hope we’ve given you a taste of what’s possible, and we’d love to hear from you if you already use syrups. What drinks are you creating using syrups? What’s the most popular flavour? Please leave us a comment.

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