Cold Brew Tea – Refreshing and Healthy

Martyn Herriott - Thursday, August 02, 2018

Cold Brew Tea – Refreshing and Healthy

If you could create a healthy and refreshing beverage in just a few minutes, you would be interested?

Well, with leaf tea or a Cold Brew Iced Teabag you can make a full flavoured and healthy drink which will be enjoyed by everybody. The slower process of brewing in cold water results in a simpler and purer extraction than hot brewing.

As well, Cold brew teas have been shown to have lower levels of caffeine, reduced bitterness, & heightened aroma¹ due the process of stepping the tea in cold water. Therefore, because they’re chemically different, cold brew teas may also have a slightly different flavour profile, which for many teas results in a smoother and less astringent taste.


  1. It's so easy - you don't even need to boil water 
  2. You’ll make tea like a pro - no strict (or very strict) measuring or timing required 
  3. You can brew it anytime - even when you don't have electricity 
  4. You can brew it anywhere - while on a mountain trek or on your commute to work 
  5. You’ll save money - it's a fraction of the cost of a bottle of iced tea... 
  6. You’ll love the health benefits and peace of mind of knowing what’s in your drink - it has more antioxidants than hot brewing & bottled tea. Plus, it's full of only healthy ingredients because you put them there yourself! 
  7. It's sustainable, energy efficient, and good for your garden - you don't need electricity, you’re not left with an empty bottle to dispose of and the teabag or used leaves are compostable 
  8. It's versatile and creative - make any tasty brew you can imagine 
  9. It's a conversation starter – you may be the first in the area 
  10. and best of all... You’ll love the taste! - smooth, flavourful, & never bitter.

As well, sugar free drinks are becoming increasingly important to consumers and are becoming more sought after than cordials or fizzy drinks.

In July 2015, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) advised that the “consumption of sugars sweetened drinks, as compared with low calorie drinks, results in greater weight gain and increases in body mass index (weight for height). This finding suggests that there is inadequate energy (calorie) compensation for energy delivered as sugars. In other words, this means inadequate voluntary reduction in intake of other sources of calories².

Remember, no kettle required and Cold Brew (iced) Tea is the easiest way to enjoy many teas and flavours. And, we now offer three unique teabag blends – Peach & Passion Fruit, Lemon & Lime and English Tea – containing no sugar; therefore, they are perfect for the on-the-go and health conscious consumers alike.

¹. Yang, D.-J., Hwang, L. S., & Lin, J.-T. (2007). Effects of different steeping methods and storage on caffeine, catechins and gallic acid in bag tea infusions. Journal of Chromatography A, 1156(1–2), 312–320.

². Public Health England. First Published 17th July 2015. Research and analysis: SACN’s sugars and health recommendations: why 5%? See the full report here.

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