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Martyn Herriott - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The WMF 1200s Baen to Cup machine

At Complete Beverage Solutions (CBS) we’re very pleased to offer the wide range of Bean to Cup equipment from the WMF Group.

The entire WMF coffee machines product range covers a unique spectrum that offers everyone a customised machine. Whether the focus is on the latest specialities or on high cup capacities, whether hot or cold milk foam or milk toppings are asked for - at WMF, the coffee machine fittings are centred on you and never the other way around.

At CBS, we knew that the WMF range was more expensive than its nearest competitor; therefore, we based our decision on several criteria which included

  • The Company having been established for over 80 years
  • The UK base of WMF has its own maintenance & sales divisions
  • Full support is offered to businesses by the UK sales team
  • The range of machines available covers a wide range of drink options and all are based around fresh milk production
  • The machines are manufactured in Geislingen, Germany within their own factory which ensures professional competence

The Company has recently introduced the compact 1100s which offers a full range of drinks from your espresso through to indulgent hot chocolate all within a much smaller space than their existing portfolio. There are five reasons that you will love having the 1100s in your office.

  • 1.Quality is a wise investment
  • 2.Reliability is the professional solution
  • 3.Indulgence is your personal kick-starter
  • 4.Individuality gives you the ultimate taste explosion
  • 5.Digitalisation is the smart solution

See more at WMF’s 1100s exclusive web page here.

However, if you are looking for a bean to cup machine that offers up to 250 cups per hour across the same wide range of drinks then you would need the WMF 5000s. Whichever machine you choose, you will not be disappointed by the drinks you serve to your customers. There are six reasons that you will love having the 5000s in your business.

  • 1.Endless indulgence with a wide range of drinks
  • 2.Milk production in a range of choices
  • 3.Technology that makes the machine easy to use and clean
  • 4.Almost hands free in its drink ordering
  • 5.Smart, practical and slim
  • 6.Plenty of choice and quiet too

See more at WMF’s 5000s exclusive web page here.

WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines. Every coffee system is unique and a specialist for meeting individual needs.

So, if your business is in hot and cold beverages, whether you’re a local hotel, pub, restaurant or cafe, look no further than You’ll find everything you need to know to help your business succeed including guidance on buying coffee machines, installation and maintenance , training and an extensive range of coffees, teas, chocolates, syrups and other ancillaries and much more!

We’re a local, independent company with 9 years of industry experience and expert knowledge.We’re passionate about what we do and we’re here to serve you so that your business can run smoothly and flourish.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now for more information.

Supplying Artisan coffees, teas, hot chocolate, espresso and bean-to-cup machines in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Wiltshire


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