Refreshments in the Office are Vital for Productivity

Martyn Herriott - Monday, January 14, 2019

Bean to Cup coffee for all (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

We take for granted the accessibility we must have to beverages and British workers spend on average over 100 hours a year making tea and other drinks, according to research by

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: “The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation’s workplace break habits, and it’s great to see so many Britain’s are taking regular breaks throughout the day to grab a drink.” He continues: “Whether you work at a desk, in a shop or factory, or on a building site, getting away from your workstation for a few minutes at regular intervals is likely to aid productivity as it allows you time to stretch your legs and gather your thoughts before heading back to it. It would also be beneficial for those workers who are based indoors to try and get some fresh air too”.

The quality of drinks served in the office has moved forward considerably in the last 5 years as consumer demand on the High Street has required offices to supply professional equipment in the work place to ensure employees and visitors receive a great range of hot beverages during the day.

Today’s bean to cup machines have improved their energy saving technologies year on year with the introduction of energy saving modes (so that the machines will go to sleep when not in use or overnight), thus ensuring customers can get a reduction in energy bills when upgrading equipment.

In the UK, consumers still enjoy their milk based drinks with cappuccino and latte sales making up between 60% to 80% of any coffee menu. However, office workers are looking for some of the newer drinks such as flat white and long style drinks to be available in the office too. And do not forget that hot chocolate is always well received whatever the weather.

Martyn Herriott, Director of Complete Beverage Solutions said “Do not underestimate the time unused by employees as they go out of the office for their hot beverage fix. The kettle, instant coffee and the teabag still dominate in the office; however, staff deserve better beverages and the new bean to cup equipment can provide total satisfaction for everybody”.

So, if you are looking to offer options of hot beverages to your staff, Complete Beverage Solutions has the range of machines to suit all needs. That includes the Jura WE8 for up to 40 drinks per day; the Vitale S which can make up to 60 drinks a day and the WMF 1100 s or 1200 s that can produce up to 100 drinks per day. All the above machines come in a variety of options and contact us for more information.

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