With chocolate drinks becoming more and more popular, it's important for any business to make sure that they're not missing out.  We offer a range of chocolates, from easy use sachets to the luxurious Kokoa Collection, meaning we can help you find the chocolate that is right for your business.


Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection is an award winning hot chocolate, that only uses the best cocoa beans, sourced from some of the most famous regions for growing cocoa. Each flavour offers a new experience, from the delicately fruity, to nutty and floral notes.

Each one has been awarded either a Great Taste Award, or a bronze, silver or gold from the Academy of Chocolate.

Kokoa Collection Display Jars

Kokoa Collection offers five flavours of chocolate callets:

White, Ivory Coast

Sweet and creamy with natural vanilla - no flavouring found here!

Smooth, 58% Venezuela

Light and sweet with a slightly 'fruity' milk chocolate flavour

Classic, 70% Ecuador

Delicately balanced, slightly darker flavour with floral notes

Dark, 75% Haiti

Indulgent and rich, with tones of 'roasted hazelnut'

Darkest, 82% Madagascar

Not too sweet with darker, more intense 'red fruit' flavours

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Want to know how to use Kokoa Collection callets? Take a look at the preparation videos below:

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Van Houten®

Van Houten has a chocolate for every business - whether you're looking for Fairtrade, indulgence or something simple and easy to make, Van Houten gives you the freedom to select the chocolate that is perfect for your business.


Van Houten® Choc-o-laté

Choc-o-laté, a liquid made from superiour chocolate, has an intense taste and a velvety texture, making it a perfect base for a variety of chocolate drinks.

Special Bar

Van Houten® Special Bar

This drinking chocolate, with 32% cocoa, gives a great tasting chocolate drink - with the cocoa and sugar already mixed, you just need to add milk.


Van Houten® Chocolate Sachets

This convenient portion sachet of cocoa, milk and sugar has the option of Fairtrade.  You can also buy larger packets (please see our bean to cup page).

 We also offer the original premium cocoa powder in a lovely, collectable Van Houten tin, which you can sell on to customers.  If you would like more information about retail items, don't hesitate to contact us.