Our range of whole-bean coffees are roasted for use in espresso, bean to cup and filter coffee machines. Our selection includes Caffe Trevetti Rainforest Alliance, Stewarts Coffee artisan roasted, The Nairobi Coffee & Tea and Langdons Fairtrade origins and blends.

Artisan whole-bean coffees

So how do you make sure you sell more and more coffee?  The kind of coffee that makes your customers come back for more and tell their friends, so that you sell even more coffee?

It’s simple.  You need to make consistently perfect espresso every day to ensure all your coffees are the very best quality every time!

So, you might think that making an espresso isn't hugely important to your business - but if I asked you how many other coffees you sell each day, the number would be greater wouldn't it?

And, selling more coffee is important to your business – right? Of course, it’s a no-brainer.

So how do you make sure you sell more and more coffee? The kind of coffee that keeps your customers coming back for more? The kind that they tell their friends about?

It’s simple - you need to consistently make the perfect espresso, ensuring all your coffees are the very best quality every time!

The espresso is the basis of so many coffees, including some of the most popular drinks; the latte, cappuccino and Americano. This makes the espresso crucially important to your business and, if you get it right, your route to success.

Therefore, by working in collaboration with a number of professional roasters in the United Kingdom, we have created a proven range of artisan whole-bean coffees that provide the perfect espresso time and time again.

Our classic Italian style whole beans are Rainforest Alliance Caffe Trevetti and you can share our passion - along with many established customers - for excellence without compromise with Ricco or Terrazza whole beans. Read more in-depth information on Caffe Trevetti.

However, we know that your customers are looking for great coffee with local provenance and we have teamed up with Stewarts of Trent Bridge who have a wealth of experience in coffee roasting and marketing. We are delighted to be launching a hand-picked range of their great coffees including ‘Sunset Espresso’, 'Escape' & 'Organic Blend'. Use our contact page to ensure you are the first to receive information on this fantastic range of coffees.

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Filter coffees

From Pure Kenya with its acidic undertones, through to Pure Colombia with light notes and Ethiopia Sidama Fairtrade coffee, we have a range to meet every coffee drinkers’ need.  Our experience allows us to match coffees to your requirements; whether it is for morning breakfast service - light and refreshing - or for dinner where a richer full-bodied beverage should be provided.

Cafetiere coffees

All these coffees are available in pre-ground and portioned sachets and this method of service is a way to make your coffee service stand out.
From our Pure Colombian with its light undertones which can be enjoyed black or the Mayfair Blend which has a rich and full bodied flavour. In addition we have Connaught Blend and the popular Colombian Decaffeinated.