Coffee Equipment

A Brief Introduction

Choosing the correct hot beverage equipment for your business is important and with our 25 years of experience in the drinks industry, we can provide the infrastructure and back up to help you make the right decision.
The machine range includes traditional espresso equipment through to Bean to Cup, or the ever popular pour and serve coffee machine is available.


There have been many developments in recent years in espresso equipment, and we will give you some guidance to understand the considerations you should take into account when looking to select a commercial espresso machine and grinder for your business.

Purchasing such an important element of your catering equipment is challenging and it is important to remember that it is likely to be the biggest profit generator for your business.  It is also often the one item on show that owners, management, staff and even the customers will really become attached too.

IBERITAL Expression 2 Group Alto, Aluminium. The Expression range marries contemporary design with the latest digital technology; including temperature controlled group heads (certain models only).

IBERITAL Expression 2 Group Fully Automatic in Aluminium

The IBERITAL Expression 2 Group has a 8.4 litre steam boiler with a 3 litre coffee boiler for extra demand.  Using the power of a 3KW element the Expression can produce up to 240 cappuccinos / 380 espressos per hour.  In addition, 40 litres of water can also be produced. Guide price from: £3,138.00 + VAT (including delivery & installation by a fully trained engineer).
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Selecting the best grinder to complement your espresso machine is also very important.  Good ones are expensive; however they will make a difference in the quality of coffee produced.  In short, there is little point in going to great lengths to choose a great espresso machine and then buying the lowest price grinder to go with it.

 IBERItal Grinders
We offer On Demand grinders, which is the fastest growing sector of the market.  However, there is still a place for the traditional grinder and we have a wide selection. Guide price from: £450 + VAT (including delivery & installation) or enquire about our rental package (Terms & Conditions apply).

Bean to cup

The choice of commercial bean to cup machines is extensive and you can purchase equipment that uses powdered ingredients (skimmed milk and chocolate powder) to produce the drinks.  Or, you can purchase machines that use fresh milk.  In both cases, the coffee is ground from whole-beans and the brewing process is completed within the machine, dispensing the drink in your cup or mug.

Vitale S Bean to Cup and Instant Coffee equipment. These machines offer a full range of cafe style drinks made from whole bean or instant coffee; skimmed milk powder and hot chocolate

Coffetek Vitale S 
The Vitale S is a fully automatic machine for offering fresh coffee, cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate in small offices.  Using up to date grinding and processing technology, the result is a small, versatile machine that provides a wide selection of drinks and it fits into a small space.
Guide price from: £1,300 + VAT (including delivery & installation) or enquire about our rental package (Terms & Conditions apply).

The extensive range of bean to cup equipment from Complete Beverage Solutions includes Franke and Jura equipment which couples together fresh milk technology; blended with space saving and eco-friendly competitiveness.

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Pour and Serve Equipment

Filter coffee machines will provide perfectly brewed ground coffee in the office or café environment. We are pleased to be supplying a range of equipment from Bravilor Ltd and you can arrange a call back to discuss pour and serve machines by calling 01635 877173 or filling in the page - Contact Us