Cold Brew Iced Tea

Introducing Cold Brew Iced Tea - a tea innovation for the glorious British Summer.Cold Brew Iced Tea

Healthy Options are Here

Sugar-free drinks are becoming increasingly important to conumers and are becoming more sought after than cordials and fizzy drinks. Cold Brew Tea, the delicious and convenient way to enjoy iced tea, is the perfect solution for the summer months.

The Three Unique Blends

Peach & Passion Fruit

A harmony of carefully selected black teas and the refreshingly delicious flavours of peach and passion fruit

A refreshing and exciting thirst quencher that can be enjoyed plain or sweetened.


Lemon & Lime

Quench your thirst with this delicious and zesty citrus iced tea.

The finest black tea leaves, expertly enhanced with the natural flavours of lemon and lime make this a beautiful drink. Can be enjoyed plain or sweetened.


English Tea

Expertly sourced and masterfully bllended, this provides an exceptionally wel flavoured tea.

A superb all-natural blend which will excite your palate and quench the thirst. Can be enjoyed plain or sweetened.


How To Make the Perfect Iced Tea

Add a single teabag to 15 to 20cl (5 to 7 fl.oz) of ice-cold water. Infuse for 5 minutes, remove teabag and enjoy.

As well, offer a jug of Iced Tea for those people who love to share.