Espresso Machines

There have been many developments in recent years in espresso equipment and we will give you some guidance to understand the considerations you should take into account when looking to select a commercial espresso machine and grinder for your business.

Purchasing such an important element of your catering equipment is challenging and it is important to remember that it is likely to be the biggest profit generator for your business and it is often the one item on show that owners, management, staff and not forgetting the customers will really become attached too.

The IBERITAL IB7 (left) and L'Anna Intenz (right) are designed and built to stand intensive use.  The IB7 is available as two and three group, with the Intenz available as a two group machine only.  All our machines are priced for delivery and installation on site. 

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If you would like to know more about the Iberital machines, then take a look at our Iberital in Action page.  This has videos showing you how to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte with Iberital machines.  

Iberital In Action

Where to Start

When considering purchasing or leasing your espresso machine there are 4 areas of primary consideration:

  • Space available / Size of the machine / Specifications
  • Style – what will look best to suit / enhance my business or service area
  • Pedigree
  • Price / purchasing arrangements

Then you shouldn’t forget the all important

And then consider the following as an operational must

Understanding Specifications

The primary consideration is how many coffees you expect to produce each day and what the likely maximum output is likely to be.  Remember that as your business grows, so will the number of coffees you will produce; therefore it will be important to purchase a machine that will handle the growth in your business.

Below is a table which gives recommendations on the coffee outputs by machine size.

Machine Size with 1 Barista Max. espressos per hour Max. Cappuccinos / Lattes /Americanos ph Max. Flat White / Large / double shot coffees ph
1 Group 180 60 30
2 Group 280 120 60
3 Group 360 150+ 90
4 Group 400 150+ 120

Clearly if you have 2 Baristas working on a 3 or 4 group machine, output from the machine could be higher than specified above, particularly on larger drinks.

However, given that customers tend to purchase drinks in 1’s & 2’s foremost and then 3’s and 4’s or more less so, it will mean that your business will have significant peaks and troughs during each day.  Therefore specify your needs in line with your peak hourly output and also consider realistic output at 70% of the above.