Selecting the correct grinder to complement your espresso machine is very important.
Knowing how much coffee you want to grind on a daily basis will make it easier to make your grinder selection. However the more you pay for a grinder, the better the performance and the quality of ground espresso coffee produced. In short, there is little point in going that extra mile to choose a great espresso machine and then buying the lowest cost grinder to run alongside it.

A wide selection of On Demand and Traditional grinders are available

On Demand and Traditional Grinders from IBERITAL

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Understanding Specifications

The decisions you will need to make are:

  • Grinder type – on demand, standard automatic; with or without a timer

  • Grinder specification – output capacity which is related to blade size and type; motor power

On Demand or Standard

Standard grinders operate by grinding beans from the hopper and storing the ground coffee in the dosing chamber. Each dose is then dispensed by pulling a lever on the side of the grinder.

On demand grinders are a relatively new introduction to the industry (since the early 2000’s). In short, they grind a single or double shot at the push of a button at the time it is required.

Advantages of an on-demand grinder:

  • Freshness and Aroma

    Every shot is perfectly fresh, providing optimum aroma retention.

  • Dosing Consistency

    Electronic dosing is extremely precise and therefore coffee consistency is good.

  • Wastage

    Very little coffee left in the grinder and dosing chamber
    Tip - Do not fill the hopper more than a quarter full.

  • Speed of Dispense

    This will be around four seconds for a single shot, and around nine seconds for a double shot.

  • Application

    The location in pursuit of the optimun coffee quality and consistency should have an on-demand grinder.

    Which ever type of grinder you are going to choose make sure you purchase a grinder that will achieve the maximum effeciency at your busiest period. 

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