IBERItal IB7 2 Group in Tiffany Blue with wooden fittings

- IBERItal IB7 with Wood Finish -

All the IBERItal IB7 range is now available to order with wooden filter holders and steam/water valve knobs.

Alongside the availability of the wood effect, CBS are very excited to announce the launch of the popular IBERItal IB7 in three brand new super cool hipster colours. To compliment the Pure Black there is also IBERItal Red, Tiffany Blue & Glossy White.

The interior is the same, and these new re-skinned 2 group Compact and Alto machines look up-to-the-minute and are a real fashion statement developed for baristas who like to draw attention!


Available in Pure Black, IBERItal Red, Tiffany Blue, Glossy White and available from stock and you can see our delivered and installed pricing at IBERItal IB7 Purchasing Package.

There is no additional cost to have the IB7’s with wooden fittings and the above colours. As well, you can view the machine in action at IBERItal in Action.