We source our coffees, teas, hot chocolate and ancillaries from Companies that we have worked for, or have been recommended by our customers. In fact, many of the products we will supply to your business come from Companies our Director has worked for; therefore he has the experience to choose with you the right products for your business.


Our range of whole-bean artisan coffees are roasted for use in espresso and bean to cup machines and our selection includes Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance varieties.

Picking coffee cherries (courtesy of The Fairtrade Foundation)

Picking coffee cherries (courtesy of The Fairtrade Foundation)

When choosing coffee, there are a lot of myths surrounding the beverage.  However, we believe in recommending coffees that will work in your business and letting you choose the one you and your customers will like.

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Hot Chocolate

With chocolate drinks becoming more and more popular, it's important for any business to make sure that they're not missing out.  We offer a range of chocolates, from easy use sachets to the luxurious Kokoa Collection, meaning we can help you find the chocolate that is right for your business.

A luxurious Classic, Equador 70% Hot Chocolate

A luxurious Classic, Equador 70% Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate can be offered all the year round and it is important to ensure the products you sell work in your business.

Offer a standard chocolate drink and enhance it with flavours, marshmallows and whipped cream. Then add to this by offering a luxury range of hot chocolates which will be a tempting treat. And, do not forget the children as they love hot chocolate. Offer smaller portions at a lower price too.


This still remains the beverage of choice when we are out of home looking for that refreshing drink.  However, with the boom in coffee, the consumer now expects their tea to be of high quality and served at the right temperature with all the trimmings. We can help you to deliver this quality.

Infused leaf tea with cake - to be enjoyed


Our offering starts with Langdons finest 1 and 2 cup teabags through to the range of Tea Exclusive tagged and stringed teabags.

Further to this we can offer a wonderful range of loose leaf teas which will enhance your offering to your customers.

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Adding all those little extra products to your order will help you to look after your business, while we ensure that everything is delivered on time.

Enjoying a lovely hot beverage


We can provide you with sugar sachets or sticks, biscuits, printed china, takeaway cups and much more.

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