To ensure that you receive the right level of service after you have chosen your equipment, we have a checklist on what is required by you and us to ensure the smooth installation of your equipment, training and follow up work where required.



When the final decision has been made on the range of equipment, we will confirm by email what has been ordered, the agreed date of installation, training and the financial terms. At this stage there will be time to make adjustments and changes where required.


For your espresso equipment we recommend BRITA® water filtration; we work closely with Jaguar Espresso Solutions and BRITA® to ensure the correct filter is fitted to your equipment.  This ensures that your beverage equipment is running limescale free and maximising the quality of the coffee and tea produced.



Put a date in the diary as soon as possible, and we will liaise with you and the other Companies involved in the setting up of your business to ensure that everybody is ready on the day for that smooth installation and training.
Knowing all the information ahead of time ensures that any challenges or new plans can be implemented without any issues or last-minute hitches.

ActionCoach, Goring
"The whole process from initial contact to installation was made very easy for us.  We get a lot of visitors and clients come to our office for meetings and workshops and everyone has commented on the high quality of the coffee" - Lisa Chaffey, Office Manager

We work with the Companies who supply the equipment and we will use their engineers for installation (this is included in the final price), which ensure you will receive professional installation and training on how to use your espresso machine; bean to cup or filter machine during the set up period.


After the equipment has been installed, we will ensure that you are fully versed in the machines capabilities and how to produce drinks of the highest quality.
With espresso equipment, we will set up the grinder and ensure that the grind is set right.  From there we we will produce a selection of beverages to make sure timings are right and the water temperatures are correct.  As well, we recommend basic drink training for your staff and also the correct way to keep the machine clean and the grinder set right.  Further training on hot beverage production can take place as soon as possible.

With bean to cup equipment we will set the drinks to your requirements and ensure you and your staff are fully conversant with the cleaning procedure which needs to be undertaken on all the days the machine is used.

Follow Up

The early days after installing equipment can be quite daunting - we will be there to help, without being intrusive.  As well as this, we are available at the end of the phone for those easy to solve issues and because we are local to you, we can be with you on site very quickly where needed.