CBS will be running the next accredited Beverage Standards Association 1 Day Barista Skills Level 1 Course later this year. The course runs from 9.30am to 4.15pm and if you want to be on this very popular course, do contact Martyn Herriott of CBS at Priced from £234.00 incl.VAT they are limited to a maximum of four people to ensure each candidate receives substantial one to one training during the day. To learn more about this course visit the BSA web site here. 

The prominence and benefit of training on espresso and bean to cup equipment is of paramount importance. We will work with you to ensure that you get the training you need when the equipment is installed, along with further training from both in and out of house resources whilst we are a supplier to your business.
Ours and your reputation is based on the success and reputation both of us provide and training is the lynchpin in all of this.

The perfect espresso pour - we will train you how to achieve this
"The quality of the hot beverages is based on the mutual success and understanding of both businesses and training is one of the lynchpins of our achievements together" - Martyn Herriott, Complete Beverage Solutions

On-going Training

 To ensure that you get outstanding hot beverages from your espresso and bean to cup ingredients, we will teach you how to clean the machine to the recommendation of the equipment suppliers.
As well, we will provide the very best water filtration equipment as recommended by the manufacturer.  On all of our espresso machines, we recommend BRITA® water filtration which is a household name and will ensure confidence in every drink you produce. 

In and Out of House Barista Training

 As a member of the Beverage Standards Association we work very closely with their Barista training programme, which is accredited by City & Guilds.

We work with Jon Skinner of M*A*D Training Solutions who has worked as a qualified Barista Trainer since 2000.  His courses are recognised by the Beverage Standards Association (BSA) and Speciality Coffee Association of America.  Jon is the accredited trainer for the BSA’s City & Guilds Courses and he recently wrote an industry recognised book on “Sensory Skills & Cupping”. 

Jon Skinner trains the City & Guilds Level 2 VRQ Barista Course
"Using various methods of barista and customer training, both in and out of house will ensure your staff fully understand the fundamental basics of producing a great hot beverage, linked to customer service. And, over a period of time they will increase their knowledge and your customers will want to return again and again" - Jon Skinner, Beverage Standards Association & SCAE Accredited Trainer

Barista Training and Customer Services Courses

We offer a range of training courses which include:

Basic Barista skills and drink production (In-House)
This is included with the installation of espresso equipment and includes drink production; setting up of grinders, care of espresso and grinder and beverage service.
The estimated time for this course: 2 hours

Intermediate Barista skills and drink production (In-House)
This would be carried out by Jon Skinner and builds upon the “Basic Barista Skills”.
There would be more in-depth knowledge hot beverages and their production methods. Building upon this in-depth training would be given on espresso production, foaming and steaming of milk and latte art. Linked to this would be comprehensive work on grinder calibration and ensuring the espresso machine is kept in full working order with day to day calibration and cleaning.
The estimated time for this course: 3.5 hours.

Half Day Barista Skills Course – Level 1 (Out of House)
This Course builds upon the skills learnt in “Intermediate Barista skills” and is run at the appropriate training facilities away from the business.
The estimated time for this course: 3.5 hours.

City & Guilds Barista Skills Level 2 VRQ (Out of House)
For the first time Barista skills can be developed and rewarded by an internationally recognised qualification – the City & Guilds Barista Level 2 VRQ (Vocational Related Qualification). A VRQ is similar to a GCSE but is directly workplace related. The qualification involves both classroom-based learning as well as the craft skills required for a Professional Barista.
The time for this course: 3 days.